Souffléd eggs, caviar, Bloody Mary shots,
celery sticks

Warm croissants with parma ham,
melon chutney, cream cheese

Ham hock, leek and potato terrine,
piccalilli relish

Scallops served in their shell,
crushed minted peas, cheese tuiles

Asparagus and cherry tomato tart tatin,
mozzarella and basil melt

Sea trout, chilli and sesame croquettes,
coriander mayonnaise

Mini cottage pies, chive and cheddar mash

Roast Angus beef on Yorkshire pudding,
foie gras and shallot gravy

Cheese and ginger brûlée, celery seed crisps
Pimms and strawberry jelly,
white chocolate straws

Lemon and lime tartlets, nutmeg crust
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